The Opium Tales EP

One day I was drawing Roxy. At the time, she wore nothing but panties and randomly started dancing.

It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

I knew at that moment that I had to write a song for her. So I did.

Princess for the Night, a dance song with a disco beat. Fully orchestrated and super fun! Easy to sing along to. Catchy as hell. Featuring Sarah Kay on vocals.

Lizzie’s Opium Waltz about Lizzie Siddal who I used to be obsessed with. Why? Who knows? We artists are just weird people.

Allie is one of my besties. She’s finally getting married next year. He’s a great guy and very happy for both of them. They got a cute baby together too. I hope they have at least one more.

I’m in Love, another fun dance song, is dedicated to them. Featuring Sarah Kay on vocals.

My mother and I are practically the same people. So of course, we fought a lot.

Luckily my wife got really close right away with my mother. My mother died of cancer years back and my wife still hasn’t recovered. My wife was 100 times closer to my mother than her own mother.

Make Me a New Heart is a sad Classical piece dedicated to my wife, while thinking of how sad she was when my mother died.

One More Serenade goes way back. I wrote the main melody two bands ago. It was originally called Your Heart’s Grace. The singer of that band wrote some beautiful lyrics but I wrote the music, so I took the music to my next band and wrote this one.

Then, I decided it needs even more. I love what Liel Bar Z did with her vocals. She went all out, especially in the final chorus. That’s yours truly dueting with her by the way.

It’s a ballad in a time when bands don’t write ballads any more. Well, screw them! I’m writing an epic ballad that could keep up with those 80s ones you love.

What others are saying

The songs are amazing with a full orchestra

It’s been such a great evening sipping red wine

And listening to them

SG Smith, author of Te Kererū – The Nest

For dinner tonight…


Italian Wine

And for music tonight we have…

Lizzy’s Opium Waltz by [Opium Tales]


– Adrián Olivas