Imagine yourself with a beautiful nude model in front of you

She has a soft, lovely figure. Warm smile. Your conversation is going well. You get her to laugh a few times as you're finishing up her last pose.

Then you finish the session. She puts her clothes on. She gives you a hug. She smells really good. You ask her what perfume she's wearing and she replies it's actually a lotion she really likes.

After she leaves, you take your girl out for dinner. She asks to see your artwork. The restaurant is loud but that doesn't change the fact that your girl's eyes open wide when she sees how much you've improved.

No expensive equipment needed

Here's Allie, my very first model. Note that I didn't use any expensive equipment. This is pencil, eraser, and my fingers for smearing. I can teach you to use anything - paper towels, a napkin, even one of those glasses cleaning cloths. You may not even have to buy anything. You may already have everything you'll need at home. I'll teach you how to draw like this. And I'll make it fun too!

Easy to follow instructions

You like the way I speak. I remind you of Bob Ross. I help you go into a zone, where you can be creative.

You're so happy in that zone. You leave behind all the stresses of the world and come out refreshed, like you've just come out of a sauna. And with a new piece of artwork that impresses everyone you know.

Drawing is the basis for all art

Where do you go from here?

You want to use this skill set to do comics? You want to learn to paint?

It's all easy now. You've mastered the basics.

You apply this mindset to everything. Even job interviews. After all, skills are transferable.

You're calm. Collected. Cool. And people want to get to know you better.

You will be able to do this

This piece is 18"x24". This course teaches you the fundamentals to draw at any size, whether you're drawing on a postcard or designing a mural for your bedroom wall.

The course comes with hundreds of fully nude uncensored reference pictures of beautiful women. You'll never run out of inspiration.

And even better? We will keep adding more. Your access to this content is forever, even as we add more and more

Drawing has health benefits

Drawing helps develop cognitive abilities in children. However as adults, I'd argue it's just as important that you keep drawing, especially as you get older. Drawing relaxes you, reduces stress, and will make you keep your mind while everyone around you ages. This is the one skill set you need to be happier and age like fine wine.


  Drawing basics
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days after you enroll
  Drawing the nude
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Adding details
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days after you enroll
  Finishing it up
Available in days
days after you enroll
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What others are saying

"This wonderful man [Roman Riva] is a real artist with golden hands, he creates extraordinarily good paintings. Good luck in the future. You are the best"

-Roxy (the model to your left. Yes, she is a real person and she's a total sweetheart!)

I am really surprised with the techniques that Roman teaches in this course, I always thought it would be more complicated to draw but the way Roman explains the techniques I really know that I can make designs that I never imagined! I am very excited to start my first paintings and use different materials.

— Alejandra W

I was looking for a course to draw animations because I want to start as a beginner and this course helped me learn simple techniques that someone like me without experience can do with lines and make shapes, shadows and details that highlight my drawings, I am making good progress and I hope that whoever is looking for a course to draw will help as it did me.

— Dale W

"I recently decided I wanted to learn to sketch. I didn't know what I wanted to draw initially but quickly decided sketching my wife would be awesome.

I picked up [Roman's] course on drawing and it took me from skill 0 to 1. Then 1 to 2, etc.

Roman lays out the whole process and makes art easy.

If you want to become a true renaissance man with skills in many areas of life, drawing is a great one to pick up.

Hit up [Roman] to learn more.

Just a customer who couldn't draw but now can. [thumbs up emoji]"

-- Andy Strohm

Exercises that make sense

A lot of art teachers tell you to do this and that but don't explain why they have you doing this and that.

That's not me!

My exercises make sense. I teach like an assembly line. You do this exercise, master it, then you can get to the next one.

Whereas someone may wonder why teach like an assembly line, there's a reason why assembly lines are so successful. They work!

And unlike other art teachers, I only use beautiful models. You'll have access to hundreds of gorgeous reference photos.

(Images in course are uncensored)

Easy to understand

The other problem with a lot of art teachers - they cannot communicate well.

Like ask an art teacher to explain color theory for instance and half the time, you'll leave more confused than you were before you asked.

I used to tutor children with learning disabilities. I am the master communicator. If I can get children with severe ADHD to pass their classes, imagine what I can do for your art skills!

As a bonus, every image you see here is included for you to practice with. And unlike the other art teachers, I only use beautiful models.

(Images in course are uncensored)

Techniques thoroughly explained

I'll show you multiple ways to shade. From simple hatching (like you often see in comic books) to more complex techniques. I show you several techniques for the same thing so you can choose which one you prefer. I not only teach you how to draw beautiful nudes, you'll also develop your own style so if you wanted to go further with this, you will stand out amongst your peers!

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About your instructor

Hi. I'm Roman Riva.

I'm a Texas-based artist, specializing in Fantasy Pinups.

I've noticed this world is becoming more and more cynical. And we're valuing aesthetics less and less.

You and I will reverse this. We'll bring forth a positive mindset and bring beauty back into the world. Together, you and I can make the world a better, happier, and more fulfilling place.

Frequently asked questions

"What else do I get with this course?"

You'll get over 2 and a half hours of instruction with every technique explained in detail. You'll get over 200 reference images (we'll keep adding more too at no cost to you). And if you have a website or you use social media, we'll even give you a way to make some side money!

"Do I have to be talented?"

No. One of my personal rants is that the only thing talent means is that naturally talented people have to work 10% less than normal people. They still have to put in the work. I was still drawing stick figures in my 20s, before taking cartooning classes which became the beginnings of my art career.

"Is it fun?"

Are you kidding? You're learning to draw beautiful nude women. This will be the most fun course you've had this decade!

"Do I need to buy any expensive equipment?"

Pencils, erasers, and copy paper. Altogether around $20 if you don't have those supplies already.

"Is this safe for work?"

Unless you work at Playboy, no. You can't bring this course into your office.

"Can I do this with a friend?"

Actually, I highly encourage it!

"Who can't do this course?"

To be honest, anyone can unless they have a serious injury. One of my friends who was in a band with me in the late 80s injured his hand so badly that he cannot play guitar anymore. He's one of the only people I know who can't benefit from this course. He can barely hold a pencil. If you can hold a pencil, you can complete this course.

How becoming an artist will change your life

They may see this selfie and think "that's cute!"

But you know it's something more than that.

Learning art changes everything. Besides the multiple health benefits - the calming, meditative effects, a great way to combat anxiety and/or depression, art also opens up doors.

Allie and Roxy wouldn't be in my inner circle today if I weren't an artist. That selfie? That's just one of the many side benefits of being an artist.

You'll meet interesting and exciting people. You'll have things to add to conversations you've never had before.

And you'll be surprised just how many beautiful women enjoy being drawn.

Let's get this party started!